Unlocking Profit Potential: AllMasters' Dynamic Cost Distribution ℗ Revolutionizes LCL Forwarding


In the fast-paced world of International Trade, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity! For businesses navigating the complexities of freight forwarding, the game-changing solution has arrived—AllMasters.

Picture this: a system that not only optimizes your freight forwarding processes but also that increases your cost savings, which in turn boosts your profits incurred. Intrigued?

Welcome to the era of AllMasters’ Dynamic Cost Distribution  —a revolutionary feature designed not only for you to stay ahead in the market but to also boost your margins and to increase your profitability.

Let’s dive into the transformative power of Dynamic Cost Distribution and why it’s the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.


The Essence of Dynamic Cost Distribution :

Here’s the kicker: once the container hits the break-even point, our product takes the lead in reshaping the rules of the game.

Beyond our break-even point, the surplus made from the additional bookings is equally distributed back to all the forwarders who have made the booking within the same container, reducing their current price and increasing the cost savings.

And you don’t have to worry about who booked how much volume or when. AllMasters ensures that each forwarder, irrespective of the volume booked or the time of booking, gets an equal share of the cost savings, regardless of whether you’re a small forwarder or an Industry giant. It’s a level playing field for everyone!


Real-Time Transparency using AI:

Our Dynamic Cost Distribution™️ system operates in real-time, giving you Live Visuals of the container’s progress towards the break-even point and subsequent surplus distribution.

You would be able to see the live update of our Start Price, Current Price (Market Price) AND the Predicted Price (AllMasters’ Dynamically Cost Distributed Price) which is calculated using advanced Machine Learning tools and AI!

Our system ensures you are updated from Price Discovery to Delivery.

An amazing turn of events in our Industry, right?          

By streamlining cost distribution, AllMasters empowers you, the forwarders to focus on what matters most – delighting your customers and growing your business!

What are you waiting for?

Our product is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of those navigating the complexities of LCL, making it the go-to solution in the industry.

In the competitive landscape of LCL, AllMasters emerges as the beacon of innovation and profitability.

The Dynamic Cost Distribution feature sets it apart, promising not just efficiency but a transformative approach to doing business.

If you’re ready to break free from conventional norms and embrace this new successful future, AllMasters is your answer.

Join the league of trailblazers who have already experienced the power of Dynamic Cost Distribution .

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